Provide’s Physiotherapy Service delivers NHS care.

We offer digital support for people in Mid Essex with Musculoskeletal conditions and other healthcare professionals involved in their care to ensure best management is offered as quickly as possible.

Our aim is to share high quality information and resources for managing Musculoskeletal conditions via an online platform to help people to manage their problem quickly and effectively as well as identifying those who may need further treatment within our service or other healthcare services. Click Self-Help for more details.

For people who do still need to access the Physiotherapy Service and meet our NHS commissioned criteria, we provide expert assessment, diagnosis and treatment for adults and children with MSK conditions, including specialist advice on self-management to help people return to their normal activities.



Service we offer

  • Adults or children registered with a GP practice in Mid Essex with a Musculoskeletal condition that has started or significantly worsened within the last 6 months.
  • People with symptoms that are not improving with online support – Click Self-Help for more details.
  • Inclusion, exclusion and triage criteria will be applied according to our NHS commissioned agreement.
  • We provide a patient-centred approach to support people in managing their own Musculoskeletal condition under NHS care.
  • Our service consists of highly-trained, state-registered physiotherapists, with a range of specialist skills and experience that assess, diagnose and treat people with Musculoskeletal problems.
  • We will always offer care that is tailored to your needs following a comprehensive, individual assessment and clear explanation of your problem and treatment options available.
  • Self-referral for adults – Click here to complete a self-referral to physiotherapy.
  • Referral from your GP, specialist or other healthcare professional under NHS care.
  • All referrals will be triaged against current NHS commissioned service criteria.
  • Accepted referrals will be added to the waiting list based on priority level and an acknowledgement SMS or letter will be sent to you.
  • Contact will be made by the Care Co-ordination Centre (CCC) to book your first appointment.

If you are deemed suitable for a face to face appointment following a virtual assessment by one of our physiotherapists, these appointments are currently being offered at the following locations:

  • Braintree Community Hospital
  • St Peter’s Hospital, Maldon
  • Springfield Green Clinic, Chelmsford

Click here to find the location nearest to you.

  • You must have completed a health questionnaire prior to your first virtual appointment either via the AirMid App or over the telephone with the Care Co-ordination Centre.  For more details on AirMid and useful information in preparation for your video consultation, please click here.
  • You will receive a link at the time of your virtual appointment, either via SMS or email, depending on your preference. This will allow you to join the video consultation and your physiotherapist should be waiting to greet you in the virtual room.  If you have opted for a telephone appointment, you will be called by your physiotherapist at the time of your appointment.
  • An initial assessment, either virtual or telephone, is offered to establish whether physiotherapy is the most suitable treatment for your condition.
  • Please wear appropriate clothing to allow the physiotherapist to properly assess the area involved which may involve you needing to partially undress.
  • You will receive some advice and guidance at the end of the initial assessment on the best way to manage your condition and a follow up appointment, virtual or face to face, will be made if required.
  • Please give at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment so that we can offer this slot to someone else.


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Your feedback is a key source of information for us and we encourage you to get in touch if you have any questions, concerns, compliments or would like to make a complaint relating to the Physiotherapy Service. We Can:


  • Resolve your problem or concerns
  • Provide advice and support
  • Answer your questions
  • Point you in the right direction of useful information and support